About Trinity

We are a product based Application Development Company headquartered in Delhi, India. Our vision is to provide some of the most needed services to the masses, at a technologically advanced platform, making it most reliable and most accessible 24X7.

We have a team of talented and highly qualified professionals who have decided to design and build a technology infrastructure for giving form and shape to our most ambitious e commerce products. Inspired by the fact that almost 40% of the deaths due to Road Traffic Accidents are preventable and mostly occur due to delayed medical intervention, we plan to deliver the revolutionary mHealth Application to the society at large.

This would enable prompt and easy access to healthcare services 24X7, on a click of a button. We further plan to penetrate through certain core areas of operation like, Logistics and Retail Management for the consumers. Here, we attempt to amalgamate technology with the age old and traditional norms of business practices that still exist in the areas of transportation and retail, making it more organized and efficient. In this era of digital economy, we feel empowered to offer customized services to the ‘Smart’ Indian with a global prospective.

Our Team Members

Dr.Vineet Kohli
Director & mHealth Consultant

Dhananjay Agarwal
Board Of Advisory

Tapan Garg
Financial Advisory

Sambhav Jain
Technical Advisor

Rishabh Jain
Technical Advisor

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